Made in Scotland Festival Closing Party

featuring AAguilAA (Vicuna, Belgium) + Letitia Pleiades (Scotland)



Featuring DJs from Scotland and Brussels, we invite everyone to come and celebrate with us with at our Closing Party at Recyclart’s new venue on the final night of the festival, Friday the 14th of June.

The party will start at 00.30 on Friday night following FK Alexander's performance, featuring a double bill of Belgian & Scottish DJ's.

Line up:

12.30 - 2am: Leitita Pleiades (Scotland)

2am - 5am: AAguilAA (Vicuna, Belgium)

Company Biographies

AAguilAA is a Lisbon and Brussels-based DJ, playing metallic EBM funk, leftfield disco, acid-house, breaks and raw techno, playing in bars and basements, from private parties to events in metro stations, in cities such as Paris, Milan, Amsterdam and Vienna. AAguilAA is the head of programming for Vicuna, one of the many party concepts created as part of Los Niños.

Letitia Pleiades’ amorphous artistic practice embraces DJing, dance, herbalism, teaching and organising to create access to the above. They are known for bass-heavy sets that are anarchic and unpredictable, while joyously slaying the floor. “A killer DJ; whose sets sidewind between UK bass, dancehall, house and techno. Totally anarchic and unpredictable.” - Fielding Hope, Counterflows Festival, Glasgow

Made in Scotland Festival Closing Party supported by Los Niños

Triple Bill

Please note: Douglas by Robbie Synge will take place at Zinnema at 8pm, and I Could Go On Singing (Over The Rainbow) By FK Alexander will take place at Recyclart from 9.30pm - 12.30am, prior to the party. You will need separate tickets to attend these performances. To book tickets, click on 'View More Events' when you reach the basket page to navigate back to find the shows.

No Performances