Douglas by Robbie Synge



Douglas is an exaggerated look at the body’s connections with our physical surroundings. It is a longing for sensation, to feel connected and alive in pain and pleasure, to not be alone.

Douglas is at work with a number of simple objects found in the theatre space. Connections are discovered as the materials’ potentials are explored with weight and gravity, revealing the inter-connectedness of body and staging elements. At times light and very delicate and at times heavy and dramatic, neither performer or audience can be certain of the outcome of actions as they unfold. The work holds many surprises, often defined by the objects themselves. 

‘Will leave you totally moved and enchanted’ - Julia Carruthers, Dublin Dance Festival Director

Company Biography

Robbie Synge studied science but now makes performance, film, objects and other things rooted in choreographic thinking around the body and its meeting points and touch with people, objects and the natural and built environment. He lives in a small village in the Cairngorm Mountains, Scotland and works nationally and internationally.

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