The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven by Queen Jesus Productions

Théâtre de la Vie


“I wrote this play to protest against the prejudice and discrimination trans people suffer; to celebrate our presence on this earth and affirm everyone’s shared humanity. I am so proud of everything it is doing to transform the lives of trans people.” Jo Clifford  

Written and performed by legendary trans playwright, performer and poet Jo Clifford and directed by Susan Worsfold.  

This unique and extraordinary show combines theatre with storytelling, spoken word and ritual in a way that, according to one audience member, “leaves everyone feeling blessed”.

Join Queen Jesus for a revolutionary queer ritual in which bread is shared, wine is drunk and familiar stories are reimagined by a transgender Jesus.

Reaffirms everyone’s right to live free of discrimination & prejudice - Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Company Biography

Jo Clifford is an Edinburgh based playwright, poet and performer, as well being a proud father and grandmother. She is the author of about 90 plays that have been performed all over the world. Susan Worsfold is an award winning theatre director specialising in the Nadine George Voice Work for which she is one of only 14 accredited teachers worldwide, delivering voice workshops in Scotland, France, Beirut and Brazil. Together with producer Annabel Cooper they are the founding directors of Queen Jesus Productions.

The play has had an incredible journey over the last decade, from being the subject of hate and abuse from a mass protest outside the Tron in 2009; to hundreds of sold out performances in the UK and Brazil and the resulting creation of a Brazilian production that has become the most talked about show in the country and is at the epicentre of struggles against censorship and bigotry. Ten years on from her controversial premiere in Glasgow in 2009, Queen Jesus will return to the site of the original performance, the Tron Theatre, in October 2019 to mark the anniversary with a week-long programme of celebration, performance, activism and reflection.

English language with French and Flemish captions

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